Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance


SOCA BP Sales are growing.  Yours can too!!! 
Let me know if you want to set an appointment to discuss opportunities.
  • Are you looking for good marketing piece to give to your clients? See SOCA Benefit Plan-Flyer with FAQ and HW program info-rev 060818. This is great for presentations for larger groups, employers or your local chamber that is part of the SOCA BP MEWA plan.
  • Why SOCA BP?
    • Integrated compliance included in the price, minimum value of $300 a year.
    • All ACA and PCORI Fees are paid.
    • Medical underwriting can help lower costs for many groups with nonmetal level plans.
    • Large group self-funded plan with some of the small group protections. Average renewal was 7% in 2018.
    • Full Blue Access Network with Nationwide coverage.
    • Embedded health & wellness programs, for example AIM and Live Health Online.
A few reminders-
  • Please remember groups are due on the 15th of the month. If you are running into issues please reach out to me.
  • NEW!!! Dental rates sheet for SOCA BP. Small group is offered large group pricing when you have SOCA medical plan. Also, all SPD wraps are included in the pricing when you add our ancillary products.
  • All FormFire signatures are good for 120 days. Get a jump start now!!
  • Please remind your clients that each new group and groups at renewal groups will receive a separate bill for $4.00 /PCPM annualized to 5/1. New groups will receive bill within 30 days of the groups effective date. Groups can pay by mail or by phone.
  • EFT’s will come out on the first of month. For a new group that is not complete on the first of the month, funds will come out on the next business day.
  • Bills are sent to groups around the 10th of the month.
  • Please include group name and group id in the subject line when sending requests to sales and service units.
Call or email me if you have any questions.