Aetna MAPD 2021

In 1995 NUB became a General Agent for Aetna and together we have served the brokerage community and led the movement into the managed care health insurance products. NUB is very proud to be one of the few Aetna General Agents in Ohio and representing the one of the oldest most respected names in our industry.

Agent Contracting

1) 2021 Certification (Do this BEFORE Contracting)

2) Aetna Invitation Request Form

2021 Forms


Phone from Home UPDATED AEP hours


2021 Value-based enrollment (VBE) overview flyer (1)

2021 OTC CATALOG Aetna

2021 OTC Benefit In-store Option flyer

2021 enrollment intructions flyer, Aetna


-If you need to order MA/MAPD enrollment kits, here’s the website.  Please remember to use your NPN for both username and password.

-*For SilverScript kits, please use the SilverScript agent portal.

-If you still need to complete market-specific training, please register here for an upcoming session.

-To access Ascend, here’s the website. You may need to re-set your password or have your account re-activated if it’s been a while since you’ve been in the tool.


Why Aetna in 2021?

  1. $0 Value PPO continues to be one of the hottest plans in Central Ohio and includes in-network access to every acute-care hospital in the STATE! This includes local facilities like OhioHealth, Mt. Carmel, and The Ohio State University and The James.
  2. Local network also includes providers like COPC, American Health Network, and Dedicated Senior Medical Center.
  3. Aetna members have access to our seamless multi-state network, which allows them to see any in-network provider anywhere in the country, no referrals required, same cost-share as if they were here at home.
  4. Ambulance copays are one flat rate for both ground AND air.  Many competitors in the market are charging 20-50%!
  5. Explorer travel benefit allows members to be out of the service area for up to 12 consecutive months! Can their current plan do this?
  6. NEW for 2021: $1,000 dental benefit automatically included at no additional cost
    1. See attached EOC for a great breakout of what’s included in this benefit (page 109)
    2. Here’s a link to the dental network
  7. NEW for 2021: $125 eyewear allowance automatically included at no additional cost
  8. NEW for 2021: post-discharge meal benefit
  9. NEW for 2021: OTC allowance increased to $105/quarter with in-store redemption option at over 100 CVS stores in Ohio!
  10. NO COPAY STACKING! Huge financial benefit to your members, protecting them from multiple copays when more than one service is provided during a provider visit.
    1. Check out the EOC for details you can share with your clients (page 60).