CIGNA Accident & Critical Illness

We are very excited about our new partnership with CIGNA and the very competitive individual accident and critical illness products. With gaps widening in the ACA individual health market, these products will be in much greater demand in 2016. Included with your contract is a personalized, My benefits comparison quote and application site.

View Contracting Video Instructions before clicking on Contracting Link

Agent Contracting Link

1. Click on “New User?”

2. Enter Date of Birth, hit ENTER, then NEXT

3. You will be sent an email to guide you through Appointment Process

4. Once in the SureLC system, please note on the “DBA” tab, you must select either “Individual” or “Business Entity”. For Cigna, an only one agency Principal may be appointed. After entering all the necessary data, you will see a “check mark” on the tabs at the bottom. Any tab with an “!” means there is additional information needed. After all the tabs have a “check mark”, you can click “Request Appointment” on the top right to be appointed with Cigna, MyBenefitsComparison, and Security Life.


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