Client Dental , Vision and Other Options

Dental, Vision and GAP Medical coverage is in high demand for the individual market.  For our customers enrolled on our 2018 health insurance platform, we can enroll one or any of these policies on the same application using the application you completed for us for your health insurance.

While we have several insurers and options , we are recommending the most popular options in the quotes that we are sending out.  If you are interested, please call or email Jim or John for quotes.

See just one of the options below for each category:



Jim Nicholakis

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HeadshotsColumbus-John Dodd-Final-7739 (3)John A. Dodd Jr,

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CA Premier One GAP Medical for Illness, Accident other expenses that your high deductible health plan can leave you with additional expense.  The “CA Premier One” option alo includes a term life and accident disability income feature.

IHC PPO Dental Plan 1500 includes coverage with preventive, basic and major dental expenses. It can used at any dentist office with discounted pricing at dentists signed in to the preferred provider network

VSP Vision Opt 2 Silver offers insurance for exam, glasses, contacts, frames and other services through the nations largest network of eye care professionals