HEMA Broker Site Requirements

Contracting with CIGNA and Security Life     

Very important that you complete this contracting ASAP.  The process will change later this month for CIGNA and we want to have yours completed!  You will use Our Dual Contracting Link   to submit requirements.

Before you do this, please view SureLC Producer Training Video (12 minutes) to make it much easier to complete the Sure LC process once you start it.
Things to have and know when you start this contracting process:
 1) Have a voided check (commissions) and your E&O PDF’d on your computer hard drive to upload
 2) You will need your NPN Number, OH license number and OH drivers License number
 3) Use the “Next” tab to move around screens
 4) You do NOT need your AML or Annuity Training certificates for this process
 5) Use the “Signature Capture” option to sign your doc
 6) On “Request Appointment” page, you will appoint with all three options, SECURITY LIFE, CIGNA and MYBENEFITS COMPARISON
 7) We will get the links from carriers to plug into your hemahelp web site
GeoBlue Contracting
This will take you all of 5 minutes.,
1) Just click on our GeoBlue Contracting Link. 
2) Click on “Agent Sign Up”
3) Forward me the email you receive from GeoBlue to plug into your hemahelp web site

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