Group Long Term Care

Multi-Life Long Term Care Insurance with Simplified Underwriting

Insurance Advisors provides brokers the following benefits:

  • Tools to identify valuable prospects
  • Case design support
  • Insurance Advisors assists in presenting & closing cases

What does Long Term Care Insurance do for employers and their employees?

With Multi-Life LTCI, employees are getting a key set of benefits from their employer:

  • Long Term Care Insurance protects their retirement income.
  • Additional discount they would not receive if not for their employer’s participation.
  • Obtain coverage for themselves and/or partner with far less underwriting than if they applied on their own.
  • Relatives can also get coverage at a discount.
  • Peace of mind and a sense of well-being.

Employers get improved productivity, retention and recruiting abilities.

Long Term Care Insurance Begins process of protecting employee’s productivity when an employee becomes a care-giver to a spouse or family member.

Multi-Life LTCI Allows employers to provide the highest perceived benefit for a very low cost.

Insurance Advisors will show brokers how to open a Multi-Life case in 3 minutes.

Is Multi-life LTCI profitable to the LTCI broker?

One 15 Employer Sponsored LTCI case can produce over $8,000 in first commissions and $1,000/year in renewal income. (See “Show Me the Money!!!“)

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