FFM – Agent Certification 2018


FFM Certification is open for business as of Sept 15, 2017.  If you are going to sell any business on the “Health Insurance Marketplace” you must be certified.  This year, there are a few options as you set aside time for this first part of the preparation for Open Enrollment beginning on November 1, 2017 – Dec 15, 2017

Step 1 Log into the CMS Portal

Step 2 Click on “Log into CMS Secure Portal” on right of Screen using your FFM User ID and password ( If this does not work you likely need to reset password – call CMS  or email for help 1-855-267-1515 or CMS_FEPS@cms.hhs.gov. )

Step 3 Your Status page should show up on the screen.  Click on “Complete Agent Training”

Step 4 This year you have choices on where and how to do the training.

  • Use the “Marketplace Learning Mgt System – This is the direct CMS option. There is no charge for this option.  (Going direct to the MLM system is free and there are fewer questions to answer in exam, approx. 60)
  • Use one of the three vendors including NAHU to set up the course and exam.  (There is a fee for these options, expanded learning, 200 questions, approx 16 CE credits)

Bottom line – If you want the CE use NAHU, if not go direct to MLM – CMS option