Aetna Funding Advantage

Focus on Aetna Funding Advantage for your small group clients

Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) is changing the way small businesses think about self-funding. It provides your clients with unique opportunities for cost savings, such as lower taxes and flexible benefit designs. Additionally, it includes financial protection that limits the risk of traditional self-funding. Aetna Funding Advantage is easy – and can impact their bottom line. It’s another way you can help your clients find the right coverage for the right cost.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • Much more competitive in the 10-50 space…that would be 10 enrolled up to 50 eligible.
  • As noted above, we will go down to 10 enrolled in terms of minimum case size.
  • We will quote illustrative rates based on just a census so a group can decide whether it’s worth it to collect the items needed to medically underwrite.
  • Groups with 25+ enrolled can be underwritten via a member-level census
  • Starting 7/1 going thru the end of the year we’re offering a one-time $50 per employee bonus for groups moving to AFA.
  • The cut-off for submitting a sold case is now the 25th of the month prior to the effective date (was previously the 10th)
  • It will be proactively offered to current Aetna groups where it’s a good fit (10+ enrolled and generally healthy).
  • The bonus will also apply to groups that are rolled over from our ACA product to AFA.

Call or email me and I’ll call you to discuss how this works and any case specific details.  We can help present this to a client and explain why this is advantageous with ACA groups.

Randy Ayers

(614) 890-7373, Ext. 102