We believe very strongly that the survival of the agent over many years of regulatory changes at the Ohio and Federal Branches of Government is a direct result of the efforts by many involved with the national Association of Health Underwriters. NUB is very proud of the active role that our associates have taken on over the years.

Randy Ayers, RHU
Current CAHU Board Member
Past President CAHU
Past President OAHU

John Dodd-Final-7739 (3)

John Dodd Jr., CLU CHFC RHU
2018-19 OAHU President
Past President CAHU
Current OAHU Pac Chair

Larry Link
Current Member
Former Board Member CAHU
Past Legislative Chair for CAHU and OAHU

Suzanne McClain
Current Member

Jim Nickolaikis
Current Member

Steve Fate
Current Member

Barbara Bartholomew
Current Member

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