[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]We hold dear our founding concept of “brokers united”. We have always believed and it is probably truer now than ever that agents do need to unite and we think that NUB is the perfect conduit. By working together we share in the highest compensation and the strength of a large block of business to help get insurers to work with us. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our partners in health insurance.

Ask anyone; NUB represents the best companies and provides the quickest and best service anywhere.

  • No other firm pays higher commission
  • NUB is never your competitor; we only work with agents
  • Great Chamber of Commerce sponsored plans that offer great discounts
  • We bring assistance in working with Underwriting
  • We prescreen
  • We have an assigned underwriter – big help
  • We are talking, emailing with Underwriting and submitting new cases every day
  • Our staff brings lots of assistance at no direct cost to you to make the sales process work smoother
  • We answer the phone
  • You still have assistance from local rep – everything to gain and nothing to lose
  • You can access the top carriers in Ohio through NUB – save time
  • We also have an Individual department & can help you with an Individual sale as well
  • NUB has carriers for ancillary products as well – STD, LTD, Life and Dental
  • NUB helps with all size groups
  • NUB offers EasyAppsOnline to electronically enroll your groups


  • Email proposal requests 24/7 and expect your proposal back in 48 hours
  • That NUB represents the major carriers in Ohio saves your time
  • Presentation Help
  • Assist with the presentation with you or work with you so you can make it the best
  • NUB can help with proposal comparisons

New Business Processing

  • We keep you up-to date every step along the way
  • We carefully scrub each case to be sure that nothing is missing
  • We electronically submit for you to dramatically speed up case issue

Customer Service

  • Administration Kits
  • Questions about coverage, eligibility, issues or ID Card replacement
  • Claim status updates
  • HR meetings

Renewal Experts

  • Review plan alternatives
  • Meet with Underwriter to secure lower rates
  • Re-qualify groups to get the best rate
  • Recommend other benefits to help your client
  • Downloadable forms and benefit outlines