National United Brokers, Inc. is a full service marketing firm providing sales assistance to agents and marketing support to insurers and administrators. Our strength is to bring together the right product for the needs of employer groups and associations.

In today’s world the insurance professional is expected to have expertise in many areas: estate planning, pensions, property, casualty as well as employee benefits. Especially in today’s litigious society, the insurance professional must not err. National United Brokers provides agents with expertise in employee benefits.

National United Brokers, Inc. works in harmony with the insurance professional and the insurance companies. NUB does not act in a direct sales capacity and therefore, does not compete with the agent, nor compromise any confidential information shared by the agent.

Insurers, like many other organizations seek ways to reduce fixed costs and reduce overhead by outsourcing. NUB can be the solution by providing services in many labor intensive areas and be a source for agents to rely upon for expertise and support.

NUB fills gaps in a marketing or sales force. NUB can assist in the sales effort of a specific product or a specific geographic location. The professional staff at National United Brokers is well trained to meet the needs of both the agent and the insurer.