Anthem Med Supp

anthemlogoNUB has represented Anthem and formally Community Mutual since 1990. Anthem is NUB’s largest group health, individual health and Medicare partner. We value our association with Anthem and believe that service to our broker’s clients is their number one policy!

Anthem Med Supp Bonus Spring 2019

Anthem Sales Forms

Anthem + AICA Brochure-App 2018 Rates (July 2018 Plan A,G & N can be written using this form with Anthem License.  New Plan F Eff May 1 requires nomoreforms update to license you with AICA)

Anthem Med Supp June 2018 Application_

Premium Payment Form – Ohio

2017-18 PDP Pharmacy Directory -



Anthem Broker Contracting

Please print Anthem Ind and Medicare Contracting Instructions before proceeding to Contracting link below

Anthem Initial Individual Licensing Link (NoMoreForms Link to Anthem)

AICA Addendum to rite New Plan F for June 1, 2018 (Must have completed Anthem Initial Licensing.  Also PLEASE insert “National United Brokers” as the General Agent and GMHHHQKMMY as the Tax ID.)

Anthem Broker Transfer Form (Moving to NUB Hierarchy)

2018 Ohio Med Supp Commission Schedule