Welcome to the Agent Website for New Dental Plans

  • Annual Maximum benefit up to $3,000
    • Unique Feature: unused portions of the annual maximum benefit carryover to the next policy year, up to two times the annual maximum benefit. (i.e., a $3,000 annual maximum benefit could provide a maximum cumulative benefit up to $6,000)
  • No waiting periods or graded benefits for any services
  • Same rate for all ages and geographical areas – including seniors
  • One of the largest networks in the country with over 80% dentist participation
  • Membership dues and product cost (for an individual) start at under $40/month



Here is an example of what your clients will see when you are registered. This page can be linked to your website for your clients!
In this page, you’ll all find more information under the
“Membership” and “Product” tabs.


Interested? Great! Fill out the “Agent Interest Form” and we’ll get you invited. You’ll receive a follow up email with instructions on
next steps. You’ll also need the following handy:

  • Banking Information for Commission Payments
  • E&O Policy to upload


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Contact Alexa Schoonover via phone at (614) 890-7373 x 125 or by email at alexa@nubgroup.com

Contact John Dodd via phone at (614) 890-7373 x 114 or by email at john@nubgroup.com