How to Handle Your 3rd and 4th Quarter 2017 Anthem Renewals



Back by popular demand is the outline on how to handle your 3rd and 4th quarter renewals.  Please make sure you are reading this email in detail and keep for reference.  There are few changes from last year.  We realize this is a lot of information, but it often helps with questions and great to keep as a guide.  We have also included a shorter, less detailed version for your records attached.

Copy your sales rep on all updates and information you send in.  As we get into busy season, it is important that you are sending to the correct areas for timely processing.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions as we are here to help you through this process.

Open Enrollment dates for groups who received the extended rate offering in 2016.

Groups who received the extended rate offering will not have a renewal until 1/1/2018.  These are GM renewals from 10/1 – 12/1 of last year unless the group opted out or was a plan year deductible that did not switch to calendar year.  Small group must allow for a OE every 12 months.  These groups will have Two Open Enrollment periods for employees to come on to their current plan.  Please note – this does not allow for plan changes at the 1st OE period. OE will still last for 60 days.  As of the 1/1/2018 renewal the group will then be on a normal 12 month renewal OE period.  All membership applications should be sent to cre& or faxed to 877-628-4604.

Example: 10/1 original renewal date… OE will be 9/1 – 9/30 for 10/1 effective date or if received 10/1 to 10/31,  the member will be effective 11/1.

Group’s Renewal Month Extended Rate Offering 1st Open Enrollment 2nd Open Enrollment
October 15 months 10/01/2017 1/01/2018
November 14 months 11/01/2017 1/01/2018
December 13 months 12/01/2017 1/01/2018

Grandmothered or Legacy Renewal


log in

scroll down

select Ohio

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renew groups

  • All renewals will be posted to your legacy site about 75 days in advance.  These are estimated timelines.  The only exception will be 1/1/2018 renewals we are targeting early to mid-September release as long are there is no unforeseen technical issues.  All other renewals will post at normal time frames.
  • Grandmothered renewals will only be mailed to the clients. For 1/1 renewals,  please note renewals will be mailed at normal timeframes to the groups.  Brokers can pull a copy of the ACA renewal off the producer toolbox.  ACA renewals for current grandmothered groups will not be mailed to employers.  See ACA section for instructions if an employer wants to move to an ACA plan.
  • We will continue to offer plan change options on grandmothered renewals.  Before selecting an alternate plan you will want to confirm that the plan is on the included on the available plan offering.  A renewal could potentially list an option that is not available.   You will be able to run options under the “Renew Groups” tab.  They may move to any plan on the plan change guide.
  • If  you are making a plan change off the renewal circle plan choice sign and date.
  • Important to note -  Groups will only be able to make a plan change up until their renewal date.  No off cycle plan changes will be accepted.  So if you have a 7/1 renewal, we cannot accept the plan change past 7/5 if the group signed the early renewal form.
  • If you are running options off Equote,  all signature pages must be signed, dated, and submitted.
  • All signed renewal changes can be emailed to and cc your sales rep for our records.
  • If an employer is not making a plan change, they do not have to do anything.
  • Do not forget to offer ancillary products to your current clients.  We have included the flyer with bundling discounts and additional discounts maybe available for groups 10 plus with competitive data on life and 25 plus on dental with competitive data (up to an additional 10%).
  • Adding vision to our grandmothered plans is easy!  All you have to do is complete the attached rate sheet by group size and send to
  • Please note that only Calendar Year groups are permitted to change renewal dates for transitional relief.  In order to change to a Calendar year group, a quote must be run for their current plan (or one of the available grandmothered options) with “calendar year” vs. “plan year”.  This can be run from the broker portal.

Legacy Groups 7/1- 9/1 Early Renewals Forms

  • All  7/1- 9/1 calendar year groups will receive an early renewal form in their renewal packet.  This will be on colored paper so it stands out to the employer. This will allow groups to early renew to a 1/1/18 renewal date and the group could stay grandmothered until 1/1/19.
  • Groups will NOT be receiving increases for January base rates.  They may see aging increases if there were any birthdays between the current renewal date and January.  The renewal in January will show the same renewal increase as their current renewal.  However the renewal reflects the same rates.
  • What if a group decides they do not want to sign an early renewal form?   At their renewal next year they will be transitioned to an ACA policy.  Once they transition to ACA we would not be able to move them back to a grandmothered status.
  • Early renewal form is not attached to the renewal.   You can download this information from the renewal insert section. (The form is also attached.)
  • All early renewal forms for all months will be due 8/1.    No exceptions due to new renewals must be created for 1/1/2018.   We highly recommend you are reaching out to your grandmothered groups for July, August and September now as all renewals have been posted and the deadline is quickly approaching  (8/1/2017).
  • It will be important that all additional group numbers for specialty are listed on the early renewal form.  This will move the specialty products to the same renewal date as the medical.
  • Please make sure you are sending the early renewal forms (to move to a 1/1/18 renewal date) directly to with a copy to your Sales Rep.  Also,  please have the Group Name, Group Number, and Renewal Month in the subject line.  Underwriting is receiving many forms and is doing their best to keep them organized.
  • After your email is received from, an auto-generated email confirmation will be sent.  This will be your notification your email is being processed. The early renewal will not be changed in our systems until after 10/10 when we begin producing 1/1/18 renewals.
  • Groups with a plan year are NOT available to take Early Renewal option for 1/1/2018 unless they move to a calendar year plan.

Legacy and ACA Adding Dual and Triple Options at Renewal

Ohio offers groups of 5 or more employees enrolled the opportunity to offer 2 plans and 10 or more enrolled the opportunity to offer 3 plans.  Movement between the plans is only allowed during the plan’s open enrollment period and during applicable special enrollments.

For these products, an employer must have:

  • A minimum of one employee enrolled in each plan.
  • A 10% to 35% premium spread between the leanest and richest benefit plans.

How to submit to Reclass for clean submission:

  1. In email stating keeping current plan and adding dual or triple option
  2. Copy of the quote signed by authorized signer or director level or above.
  3. Excel spreadsheet with all medical lives stating plan choice.
  4. Any new OE employee applications for new employees coming on the group.
  5.            Submit to for GM groups and Smallgroupe& for ACA groups.

ACA Renewals


log in

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select appropriate dates


  • Renewal will be posted 75 days in advance.  These are estimated guidelines.
  • If your group moved to ACA last year, they will be mailed a copy of the ACA renewal.
  • If your group is grandmothered, the ACA renewal posted is for your comparison and the group has not received a copy.
  • If a group is grandmothered and wants to move to ACA.
    • They must sign and date the ACA acceptance form and the acceptance form only gets emailed to  These forms will need to be received 25 days in advance.  They do not have to make a plan choice 25 days in advance.
    • If they are keeping the same plan, we would map them to all the group does is sign ACA acceptance form.
    • If they are making a plan change they will select a plan and sign and date.  This must be received prior to the renewal date.  These can be emailed to smallgroupe&

What happens if a group turns in the ACA acceptance form past 25 days?  

  • Please reach out to your sales representative and depending on the date we can see if there is anything we can do. 

What forms do you use?


Legacy employer app- to change address, add products, update waiting period, and update contribution.

Legacy employee app- to add on new hires and adding on employees at OE.

Legacy change form- to term dependents

Transmittal Form – to terminate employee


ACA employer app- to change address, add products, update waiting period, and update contribution.

ACA employee app- to add on new hires and adding on employees at OE.

ACA- to term dependents

Transmittal Form – to terminate employee