2017 Small Group Apps and Update to Census Enrollment Tool

Rates on ACA are very competitive,  and we are seeing new groups coming in on the wrong applications.  Please make sure you are using correct applications when submitting groups. There has been an updates to the census tool, so please the version attached in this email.

Just a few reminders on the census enrollment tool:

  • This is for employee applications only.
  • We will still need all additional items on the Small Group Checklist…. i.e.: employer app, check, wage and tax etc.
  • Census enrollment tool cuts off 5 days in the enrollment process once it received from the IC coordinator. Old turnaround time was 7 to 10 days.
  • Remember to save this tool and replace last version.
  • The census tool can be used for most enrollments medical, dental, vision and guaranteed issue life.


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